Great morning last Friday in the Harbour Hotel at UBFit’s inaugural Breakfast Forum in association with City Life Galway.  A full room of motivated individuals were treated to an inspirational presentation from our own Pat O’Dwyer and Daithí O’Connor of Revive Active.

The theme of the morning’s presentation was “Your Health is your Wealth and Your Wealth is your Health”. All presenters outlined in their own inimitable way the journey to health, wealth and happiness

After Eoin of UBFit’s introduction, Pat took to the podium to pose the following financial planning questions:

  • What are you trying to achieve?

  • What time frame?

  • What level of intensity?

  • What is appropriate for you?

  • What will work for you?

  • What outcome do you seek?

  • What does success look like?

  • What makes you stay on track?

Most people need help in addressing these financial planning matters and that’s where City Life Galway can help.

Pat then gave us his top 10 financial planning tips:

  1. Avoid expensive debt:

  2. Pay in Cash

  3. Pay off your credit card balance in full every month.

  4. Max out your allowable Pension Contributions every year!

  5. Never buy or sell individual stocks.

  6. Buy inexpensive well-diversified index funds and hold them to retirement.

  7. Buy a house appropriate to your needs and budget.

  8. Make sure you are protected against risks e.g. medical insurance, life cover and income protection cover.

  9. Do not be distracted by get rich quick schemes.

  10. Be methodical and stick to the PLAN.

Pat was then followed by our guest speaker Daithí O’Connor founder and managing director of Revive Active, the health food supplement company.

Daithí gave us a fantastic insight into his and Revive Actives journey from when they first started in the depths of the Irish recession to where it successfully is now positioned on the national and international business stage today.

Everyone left the room thoroughly inspired and motivated by the morning’s presentations.