When it comes to planning your future, saving is a great place to start. Regular saving is a great way to build up money over time to meet your financial goals. Whether you are planning to get married, saving for your kids’ future, planning to purchase a new car or towards a deposit for a house, a savings plan can make all the the difference.

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If you have already saved up a lump sum, received an inheritance/redundancy payment, then investing could be a good option for you. Investing provides the potential to earn better returns than a bank deposit account. What do you want to achieve over the long term? For most people, their goal is to get a return greater than inflation and to grow their investments over the long term. To grow your money you need to consider investments appropriate to your risk-reward attitude. Some of the investment options include equities, bonds, property, commodities or alternative assets.
City Life Galway offers choice and flexibility as an impartial financial advisor with many years’ experience in tailoring financial planning for clients. Our expertise and experience will help you achieve financial peace of mind.

How Saving & Investing works

How funds work

Starting to save

Are you always waiting for the right moment to start to save? Now is the perfect time to start saving for something special. When it comes to saving, we all have different goals and different capacities to save.

Plan your budget

You need to figure out your monthly budget. You need to decide how much money you will put aside each month to help you achieve your goals. Using our Personal Annual Budget Calculator will give you an idea of how much money you have to save each month. This will depend on whether you want to be a regular saver, or if you are a lump sum investor.

Choosing the right investment may seem like an overwhelming task.

This is where we can help. City Life Galway’s robust approach to risk profiling and asset allocation, combined with our experience allows us to match a client’s risk profile with an appropriate investment strategy.

What is your attitude to risk?

Typically the greater the risk, the greater the potential return you want to receive. Find out more about risk ratings using our Risk Profile Questionnaire.

City Life Galway’s Investment Management Principles

Our investment management principles are based on creating individually customised portfolios, taking a balanced approach and selecting high quality investments.

Customised Portfolios

We construct balanced portfolios tailored for each individual’s risk tolerance and financial situation. Specific needs such as income in retirement and long-term investment growth are considered. In some cases, clients arrive with existing positions that we integrate to create a balanced portfolio while also minimising capital gains