Retirement Planning

In our experience, nobody gets excited at the prospect of discussing a pension. On the other hand, people are excited about their hobbies, interests and family, and would like to spend more time enjoying their passions.

We help you to financially plan your lifestyle, so that you can spend more time having fun.  We aim to deliver complete clarity and financial peace of mind.  We devise business and work exit strategies to maximise your days in the sun.

Let us do the work for you

Pensions can be complex and confusing. There can be various rules, different types of plans and reporting obligations. You need to know how you can maximise your tax relief on the contributions you make. You need to know how your funds should be invested to provide you with adequate return and minimum risk. You need to know how you can access your retirement benefits in the most tax efficient manner possible and get the most out tax free. We deal with the set up, the ongoing administration, the compliance, the investment, and the rebalancing of your funds.

Directors Pension and Employer Sponsored Pension Schemes

A large body of the work we do is working closely with owner directors who wish to establish pension arrangements for themselves and for their staff. There are considerable tax benefits for employers and employees. A well designed employee benefit scheme can made all the difference to staff engagement and staff retention.

How does a pension work

After you retire