Protection Needs

There are many exciting changes that can happen in a lifetime, from buying a first home, to starting a family, a change in career, right through to welcoming the next generation into your family. Because of such, your protections needs will change over time, reflecting your current situation. People insure many things in life, car, home, travel, pets, however many fail to insure the most important thing in their families lives – YOU. Your protection is essential to provide financial security for your family.

Determining your quantum level of cover and most suitable provider is a complex process; however we are experts in this field and will guide you to identify what is needed to maintain your current lifestyle. As Impartial Advisors, we at City Life Galway search the market place to help you find and understand the most suitable type and level of protection required to meet your individual needs and objectives. We keep in touch with our clients to ensure the products and services they have remain current and in line with their personal circumstances.

Life Assurance

Choosing the right Life Assurance policy can be confusing at times, for example there are many different providers, types of cover, terms, optional benefits and so forth. But through our ‘fact-finding process’ we learn and discover important facts about each individual to determine the right policy and lump sum required to protect dependents from the unforeseen event of premature death.
Life Assurance needs change over time, but through our annual client reviews we endeavour to ensure you will always have the right policy to reflect your current needs.

Specified Illness Cover

Unfortunately unpredictable events such as ill health can occur, but having the right cover in place can relieve financial stress following medical diagnosis. Specified Illness cover provides a lump sum to help cover medical expenses and every day bills, leaving you to concentrate on getting better and back on your feet.

A serious illness such as Stroke, Cancer or Heart Attack does not mean that life has to stop, it just may be compromised for a certain period.

We put the ease in the complex process of finding the right policy, and find a simple solution to ensure your policy is going to meet your needs.

Something to think about:

Serious Illness protection is important. If you or your partner were diagnosed with a serious illness, we can help you from worrying about the following issues that could arise:

  • Who will support your family?
  • How will the mortgage payments be met?
  • How will other debt commitments be met?
  • Who will pay the utility bills?
  • Who will pay the car insurance?
  • Who will buy the weekly groceries?

Mortgage Protection

Whether you’re a first time buyer, buying a new house, or remortgaging, we can help you identify the most suitable cover to protect your home. Buying a new home can be hectic and stressful at times to say the least, so let us take one thing off your ‘list of things to do’ and let us find the best policy for you.

Income Protection

Protecting your Income

Many of us know of a relative or friend who has suffered from an illness who has been unable to work for a long period of time. How would you fair financially if you were in a similar situation and could not work due to a serious accident, illness or injury? Could you continue to pay the bills if you lost your regular income over a considerable period of time? If the answer is NO you may need to consider income protection.

What is income Protection?

An income protection plan pays you a monthly income after a deferred period (usually 13 weeks) if you are unable to work due to an accident, illness or injury. You can protect up to 75% of your annual income less any State Disability benefit (where applicable). This will ensure that during the period you are unable to work as a result of your accident, illness or injury your financial commitments and bills will be met. It will continue to pay you a guaranteed income until you are well enough to return to work, or if not, until your retirement age.

Example of how Income Protection works

Female permanent employee (married, non-smoker, aged 40) was diagnosed as having ovarian cancer in January 2001. She subsequently had to have her ovaries removed and was out of work for a period of 18 months. As she had income protection in place the benefit kicked in after three months and was paid to her until she returned to work approximately 15 months later. The income protection benefit paid to her was 75% of her gross monthly income (less State Disability benefit). She returned to work after the 18 months and made a full recovery from her illness.

There is no cost for our initial meetings

So come and talk to us and discover how we can help you protect yourself, your family, your home, and income, and give you complete peace of mind to carry on doing the things you love and enjoy.