Young Professionals and Business Owners

Life is busy and you are too.  There’s so much you want to achieve in your private and professional life, and consequently looking at your financial needs can get pushed to the back of that ‘To Do List’.

We can help you protect your family, buy your new home, define your pension requirements, protect your business, and much more. Talk to us about your unique situation and we’ll find the right financial solutions for you. Let us do the hard work and you can get on with living.

1) Financial Planning

for Young Professionals and Business Owners

  • Do my financial plans match my life plans?
  • Am I on track to realise my financial objectives?
  • Are my pension arrangements most suitable for me?
  • Are my investments aligned to my attitude to risk?
  • Do I have the optimal level of protection for my family?
  • Do I have sufficient business assurance in place?

2) Pension Planning

for Young Professionals and Business Owners

  • How do I provide for my retirement?
  • What is the best pension for me?
  • At what age should I start a pension?
  • My employer is starting a group pension scheme. Is this the right policy for me?
  • Which provider is most suitable to meet my needs?
  • How much should I contribute to my pension each month?
  • What happens to my current company pension if I leave the firm?
  • Are my current pension arrangements sufficient?
  • What is a PRSA?
  • What are AVCs?

3) Financial Protection

for Young Professionals and Business Owners

  • What is the optimal level of life cover for me?
  • Will my family have enough financial support in the event of my early demise?
  • Will my family be financially sound if I was diagnosed with a serious illness?
  • I am buying my first home, how do I arrange mortgage protection cover?
  • Can I protect my income should I be off work due to ill health or sickness?
  • Are my current protection policies the most competitive on the market?
  • How do I provide protection for my business?

4) Savings & Investments

for Young Professionals and Business Owners

  • I am due to receive a redundancy payout, how can I make this money work hard for me?
  • I have inherited money, how should I invest my funds?
  • Who are the best fund providers on the market?
  • Which funds are most suitable to my attitude to risk?
  • I want to save for a deposit to buy my first home, what is the best way to do this?
  • How can I get a better return from my money currently on deposit?
  • How much do I need to save for my children’s education?

5) Business Assurance

for Young Professionals and Business Owners

  • If my business partner dies, how can I acquire his share in the business?
  • What is partnership cover?
  • What impact would the death of a co-director have on our business?
  • Can next of kin get involved in the business if there is no prior arrangement in place?
  • How can we raise funds to buy back shares from our deceased partner’s estate?
  • Will bank borrowings be affected from the loss of a key employee?