Making the most of your retirement days

You have worked extremely hard throughout your working life to build up funds for your golden years. You may have sold your business, are in the process of drawing down your pension funds, or have been retired for a few years now.

You are concerned about your investment strategy; are you taking too much risk, will you run out of money, will you have funds for long-term care? Let us do the math and give you some peace of mind.

1) Financial Planning

making the most of your retirement days

  • How do I make my investments work smarter and longer?
  • How can I reduce the inheritance tax exposure for my family?
  • How much can I gift my children now?
  • Will my pension income be enough to sustain my current standard of living throughout retirement?
  • I want to reduce the level of risk in my investments, what are my options?
  • Do I need as much financial protection in place now that I am not working?

2) Pension Planning

making the most of your retirement days

  • I have just retired, what are my options with regards to my pension policies?
  • What is the most efficient way to manage my pension funds?
  • How much of my pension funds can I take tax free?
  • What happens to my existing pension arrangements now that I have retired?
  • I am concerned that I haven’t put enough money asisde, now that I have retired. What are my options?

3) Financial Protection

making the most of your retirement days

  • Will my family have enough financial support in the event of my early demise?
  • Do I need to review my financial protection arrangements now that my earned income has ceased?
  • My mortgage is now paid off, what happens to my Level Term Assurance policy that was assigned to my mortgage lender?
  • How can I reduce the level of inheritance tax my family will have to pay upon my demise?
  • What happens to by business assurance arrangements now that I have passed the business onto my daughter?

4) Savings & Investments

for Young Professionals and Business Owners

  • What are the best options for the tax free lump sum I have received from my pension policies?
  • I want to help save for my grandchildren’s education, what is the best way to do this?
  • What fund choice is best for me if I want to reduce the level of risk my current portfolio holds?
  • Who are the best fund providers on the market?
  • How can I get a better return from my money currently on deposit?