Our fees are structured in a manner to ensure our impartiality at all times,
eliminate conflict of interests, and support the
long term nature of our relationship with you.

We always represent you and your best interests. The fee structure(s) available and appropriate to you will depend on the size and nature of your assets and will be discussed in more detail at the free introductory meeting.

Typically the fees will be one or a combination of the following:

  • Upfront fees payable by the client
  • Management fees for funds under administration paid by the investment managers but deducted from your investment funds
  • Commission from product sales

Remember, if we cannot prove added value then we do not deserve to be paid, therefore you can cancel, stop or switch our fees at any time. The obligation is therefore on us to provide an excellent and ongoing service, that you value and get benefit from.

 Terms of Business

Remuneration Details